Pulled Pork Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding Pie Is Now A Thing – And It Sounds Amazing

Pulled Pork Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding Pie Is Now A Thing – And It Sounds Amazing

Those golden, crisps clouds of heaven are on of life’s joys. And, just one of the reasons why it is a pleasure and a privilage to have grown up Yorkshire. The Yorkshire pud is so versatile that it can be a start, main or dessert and a snack. Not a day goes by where we get bored of those beautiful things. And, now thanks to the world of social media, someone has thought to create the incredible pulled Pork Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding Pie.


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We need to try this incredible creation. It’s so simple yet, so brilliant at the same time. TikTok star …. posted the video of the pulled pork Yorkshire Pudding pie onto his channel and now it has gained over 1 million views and 75k likes, which isn’t suprising as they look amazing.

Some genius on the platform said in the comments that he should all it the pork’shire pie’ding, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

The recipe seems to be pretty simple. You just make your own Yorkshire pudding using a Yorkshire pud recipe. Fill it with mash, pulled pork, layer of cheese, bit more pulled pork, layer of cheese and whatever floats your boat then top with some puffed pastry, with some egg wash and then whack it in the oven. How easy is that?


😂😂 my daughter heard describing Mrs Mays Xmas tree at the end! #fyp #foryou #daddymaycooks #viral #yorkie #piedding #kfc #gravy #mash @kfc_uki

♬ original sound – Roly May

He also somes a KFC one, which is a simialr vibe. He just replaces the pulled pork with popcorn chicken and KFC gravy – and it looks fantastic.

If you like the sound of this bad boy, why not try the Yorkshire Pudding shepherd’s pie recipe that went crazy on Reddit last year. We tried it and it is absolutely amazing – and we should know.

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