Quality Street Has Released Its First Brand New Range In 85 Years

Quality Street Has Released Its First Brand New Range In 85 Years
No, they've not just gotten rid of the blue ones...

As British as the Royal Family, Quality Street has been a staple in every family’s Christmas. And, just like the Royal Family, there hasn’t been much change in how things are done – besides the boxes getting smaller.

85 years with no change, Nestle has now introduced the iconic chocolate brand’s first new product, just in time for Easter! The Intrigue Truffles are Quality Street’s first step into the modern era, and they come in three luxurious flavours that are very of the minute: salted caramel, orange and praline. All ones that your nan can get her head around. Phew!

Credit: Quality Street

Brand Manager Rebecca Holt has said: “Quality Street is a much-loved UK brand and we know many fans would love to enjoy more of it all year round. That’s why we’ve created a product that will enable consumers to experience Quality Street in a brand-new way.”

Quality Street’s has only recently included their iconic mixed chocolate boxes and tins, as well as the delicious Matchmaker chocolate sticks, which were originally launched by Rowntrees.

The boxes have limited availability from Asda (if they haven’t already sold out) and with their fancy packaging they look like a sure fire way to make you look like you’ve made a top effort when selecting your presents this year. They will be available nationwide from March 2nd, so keep your eyes peeled!

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