This Secret Yorkshire Bar Is Hidden Behind A 1980s-Style Video Rental Shop

This Secret Yorkshire Bar Is Hidden Behind A 1980s-Style Video Rental Shop

Looking for something different? Well, we’ve got the most nostalgic entrance to a hidden bar that you’ll ever find. This Yorkshire bar will transport you back in time with its well disguised front that looks just like you’re local video store from back in’t day.

However, this 1980s style video rental conceals a secret that won’t leave you disappointed. One of Wakefield’s hidden gems, we highly recommend you take a trip out and head through the hidden door to the speakeasy inside.

Found on Northgate in Wakefield, RBT Video is a very hidden speakeasy with a difference. You can check out some blockbuster classic VHS that lines the walls before heading through a secret door into a hidden cocktail bar.

Watch out trip to RBT Video speakeasy below:


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♬ Blue Monday – New Order

All you need to know if you’d like to gain entry is the movie or the week, which can be found on their website or on their social media channels and displayed in the store. You’ll be invited by the neon glow of their artwork that will send you back to the days of Marty McFly and all those other 80s vibes.

The retro vibes hit you straight away as you head through the door to be greeted with a huge neon sign and banging 80s tunes. Head inside and enjoy searching out all the incredible nods to the 80s throughout the bar.

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Once inside sit back and enjoy the 80s themed cocktails with a twist, such as ‘Hogan’s Hero’ and ‘Woo Woo Royale’. You can wash down these great cocktails with a slice of New York-style pizza. They also do a range of beers and spirits that you can enjoy in a classic cocktail bar with a difference.

This unique experience is a great little night out in Wakefield and well worth the visit. According to Host & Home, RBT Video is the only speakeasy that’s hidden behind a video store in the world.

No speakeasy is complete without cocktails and these guys pull out all the stops. Along with their quirky twists on classics and their unique themed cocktails – the bartenders know their stuff and will knock up any cocktail you wish.

If you’d like to find out more visit their social channels here: Facebook, Instagram.

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