Woman Makes The Internet Sad With Roast Dinner Served In An Easter Egg

Woman Makes The Internet Sad With Roast Dinner Served In An Easter Egg
Think I'm going to be sick...

Easter bank holiday wasn’t what a lot of folk had planned this year. With two extra days off work, most would have liked to get away, whether it be locally or to a nice warm beach (I know, I’m picturing those sandy beaches also). But, in typical Yorkshire fashion, we’ve picked up our bottom lips from the floor and shown true grit, staying at home where we’re safe.

It’s been great to see pictures of empty seaside towns, showing everyone is sticking to the lockdown rules in this trying time. What isn’t great, and some might say is nightmarish, was Shazza D’s choice of Sunday roast that appeared on Facebook page Rate My Plate. Shazza’s meal was an abomination, and that’s putting it very nicely indeed.

Shazza posted a video of gravy pouring over her roast, which some would say is fine. But, when said roast is sat inside half an Easter egg, you’ll be reaching for the sick bucket at the thought.

The comment section seemed to be in agreement that this was one of the strangest concotions to have been created on the page that is known for questionable meals posted on a regular basis. Becky Mitchell commented saying “This makes me sad! Not only is your gravy lumpy af and the meal don’t look good enough to feed a homeless dog but shitttt that combo is an insult to anyone that looks at it! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Another person commented on the gravy saying “That gravy looks like a slow Mo of diarrhoea… 10/10 for enthusiasm though.”

I mean, for me it’s the Easter egg that is the worrying factor, the gravy can be easily salvaged. But, I suppose being couped up can make you do crazy things. I almost started watching Mrs Brown’s Boys the other day, thank God for Tiger King, eh.

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