Scarborough Residents Told To Wear Masks Outside Of Their Homes As Cases Surge

Residents in Scarborough are now being advised to wear a face mask whenever they leave their homes in new advice issued by local officials. The move comes as a major incident has been declared in North Yorkshire, as a result of increasing Coronavirus cases. Officials confirmed just last night that they are reinstating “full emergency mode” in the area.

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Currently, Brits are only asked to wear face masks when indoors in shop, waiting area or while using public transport, however, councils are now advising residents to wear them at all times when leaving their homes in a bid to reduce further transmission while the virus continues to circulate. North Yorkshire has seen a surge in cases over the past two weeks, with Scarborough and Selby identified as the worst hit.

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Richard Flinton, chair of NYLRF (North Yorkshire Local Resilience forum), said “In North Yorkshire we have remained at a high level of alert since lockdown eased and we have monitored and managed outbreaks where they have happened very successfully with test-and-trace.

“However, we are seeing community transmission of the virus now and a worrying rise in cases in a number of areas.”

“We know how quickly infection rates can change and we are calling on the whole county to act now with us in response.”

In addition to advising residents to increase the use of face masks within the county, dedicated police patrols will also be taking place – targeting those who are not following social distancing rules and the newly imposed ‘Rule of Six’. The Yorkshire Coast has struggled with social distancing throughout the pandemic, with visitor numbers surging as a result of international travel bans.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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