BBC Viewers Hailing New BBC Prison Drama ‘Time’ As The ‘Best Drama’ They’ve Seen This Year

BBC Viewers Hailing New BBC Prison Drama ‘Time’ As The ‘Best Drama’ They’ve Seen This Year

Yorkshire folk rejoice, the King of the North is back on your teles within a new upcoming BBC Drama Time. Sheffield’s Sean Bean is set to return alongside Line of Duty’s Stephen Graham in a brand new series – and it looks fantastic. You won’t want to miss Sean Bean BBC Drama Time.

Sunday evening saw the first part of the greatly anticipated new drama Time air on BBC One, and we were not disappointed. People have been hailing it as the greatest drama they’ve ever scene – which is no surprise. Our Sean, knows how to put his all into a role.

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The new trailer dropped last month and it looked like the BBC is carrying on its run of high-quality dramas. Sean Bean and Stephen Graham together mean we are in for something special from the two British actors.

The new series is set to premiered on Sunday and has two more episodes left in its three-part miniseries that tells the tale of Eric McNally played by Stephen Graham, a prison officer that is doing his utmost to keep prisoners he’s in charge of in check.

After watching the first episode, viewers are calling it the most realistic take on prison life – being told from the viewpoints of a prisoner and a prison officer.

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Sean Bean plays Mark Cobden, a newly convicted man who’s consumed with guilt by what he’s done and struggles to deal with life in prison. The trailer shows Bean, entering prison and his nerves seem to be getting the best of him. Sue Johnston’s (The Royal Family) character can be seen comforting him as she visits him in prison.

Eric’s is threatened by one of the prison’s most dangerous inmates who decide to play on his weaknesses, leading him to chose his principles or his family.

One person commented: “Just watched #Time on BBC1 starring Sean Bean. Extraordinary tv. Absolutely the best drama episode I’ve seen on tv this year.”

Whislt another said: “Powerhouse performances from a brilliant cast in #Time on BBC 1. It’s brutal and really hard to watch but I’m glued to the screen. British drama at its best.”

And a third wrote: “Loved #Time on BBC tonight! The sort of great drama our TV licence fees should be paying for”.

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The drama, which was filmed in and around Liverpool, also has David Calder (Bulletproof), Nadine Marshall (Save Me), Aneurin Barnard (The Pact) and Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey) round out the cast.

It is directed by Lewis Arnold who previous work consists of Humans and Broadchurch. Time is executive produced by the BBC’s Tom Sherry, Michael Parke and Lucy Richer, alongside Jimmy McGovern, Bean and Graham.

Catch the first episode on Iplayer and keep your eye out for the next two on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One, and will be at the same time each week. You can watch them all on BBC Iplayer once the first episode has aired.

Watch the trailer below:

You may have recently seen Sean Bean in Netflix hit series Snowpiercer, playing Mr Wilfred, the villainous creator of a train that is keeping humanity alive. The series is made by the Oscar-winning director, Bong Joon-ho, and is well worth a watch.

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