This Yorkshire City Has Been Named ‘Foot Fetish Capital’ Of The UK

This Yorkshire City Has Been Named ‘Foot Fetish Capital’ Of The UK

Now that’s a headline! And while it sounds absolutely ludicrous, apparently South Yorkshire city Sheffield has a little bit of a foot fetish. Who knew? What it is about, what some would say, the most unattractive part of the body that entices Steel City so much?

Reported by the Telegraph, the results have come from search results on Google – with the article revealing that Sheffield was the city with the biggest ‘thing’ for feet, ‘based on the number of people searching for it on Google’.

The study speculates that the reason for the fetish is ‘the fact that we are such a big outdoor city used to putting our best feet forward on the city’s hills must be connected’. It looks like the study might have rubbed some Sheffield dwellers the wrong way (no pun intended), however, with one Redditor commenting that it might be ‘time to move’. Looks like they’re not one of the foot-loving culprits, then.

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This isn’t the first time that Sheffield’s foot fetish secret has been uncovered. Escort agency looked into 20 of the most searched fetishes on Google to find out what tickles everyone’s fancy across the country (we know it’s not the most academic study…), exposing the city for its not-so-secret kink back in 2019. But it wasn’t just the Sheffield lot who had such particular preferences. The survey also said that Doncaster folk enjoy a bit of group sex, while Wakey and Leeds residents seem to enjoy searching about swinging. You little rascals.

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