Watch The Moment Amanda Owen Helps Give Birth To Clydesdale Foal Here

Watch The Moment Amanda Owen Helps Give Birth To Clydesdale Foal Here

Our Yorkshire Farm‘s Amanda Owen has had a busy morning it seems. Sharing with her thousands of followers the moment she helps deliver new life into the world in the form of a Clydesdale foal up in the Yorkshire Dales.

What the video of the moment Amanda helps deliver the foal below:

In the video, Amanda can be seen pulling away helping to free the foal from its mother who is seen lying on her side. The iconic stone walls and lush green grass give no mistake that it is up on Ravenseat Farm.

Amanda takes her jacket off and gives it her all to help release the foal, pulling it up to the mum’s head where she can greet the new family member. The Yorkshire Shepherdess then give the mother a well-done stroke.

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We can see the mother and foal sharing some kisses at the end of the heartwarming video that as always gives us a unique insight into life on the farm.

Only yesterday she shared a picture on her social channels with Clemmy listening for the foal. The horse looks ready to give birth with the picture captioned: “Is anyone there?”

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