This is The Tallest Structure In Yorkshire And It’s Bigger Than The Shard & The Eiffel Tower

I bet this is something that has not crossed most people’s minds before. But, what is the largest structure in Yorkshire? I know some people will be here to read this article to cure their suspicions and others will be looking for some pub ammo. So let’s get to it, here is the tallest structure in Yorkshire.

Tallest Structure In Yorkshire
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Set in the rolling hills of West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Emley Moor Tower, peaks at in massive 330.5m (1084ft in old money). Built-in 1970, it is used more radio and other transmissions. It is the third antenna to have sat on this site, with the first built-in 1956 and replaced by a second which collapsed in 1969.

Tallest Structure In Yorkshire
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At 330.5m it stands more than 20m higher than The Shard, in London, which is the fourth-highest in Europe. The huge structure is not the biggest in the UK and only comes in at number seven. Still, I’m bet you’re glad that you now know the tallest structure in the UK. It is also taller than the amazing Eiffel Tower which stands at a massive 324 metres high.

Tallest Structure In Yorkshire
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If you’d like to make a day out it you can head over to Baildon Moor in West Yorkshire and take a circular walk that’s not too long around the transmitter and get some fantastic photos on the way. The walk starts and ends at The Old Glen House pub and is around 6 miles long.

It follows ‘well defined paths and offers so spectacular views of the transmitter towards Rombalds Moor. If you’d like to find out more information about the walk, you can head over to the website here and see a map of the route with some in details directions.

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