Guests Snowed In At Tan Hill Inn Host Reunion One Year Later

Guests Snowed In At Tan Hill Inn Host Reunion One Year Later

If you haven’t heard of the Tan Hill Inn before, it’s pretty famous around here, thanks to its incredibly rural location that just so happens to make it the highest inn in the UK. A fact that sounds (and is) completely idyllic, but proved to be a slight issue on one snowy day last winter.

After a bought of chilly weather last November, around 60 people (and an Oasis tribute band) found themselves stranded at the cosy Yorkshire Dales pub after getting snowed in one baltic evening – with guests having to stay three days until the roads could be cleared. There are worse places to be stranded, however, we have to admit.

Credit: The Tan Hill Inn

Luckily, the guests saw the bright side of the situation, and made quite a night of it while they patiently waited for road conditions to improve – even bonding during their time together at the inn. Sounds like a movie in the making, doesn’t it?

Now, one year later, the unique pub has hosted a fun reunion party for those who were snowed in last year – with the Oasis tribute band No Way Sis returning to perform especially for the occasion.

Speaking about the event, general manager Nicola Townsend said: “The main road to us was closed off [on the Friday], so the plough couldn’t get to us until Monday afternoon.

“We formed a WhatsApp group with the people who were snowed in last year, called it the ‘reunion group’ and gave them the first chance to get tickets.”

Credit: The Tan Hill Inn

The event was open to all, meaning those who have followed the lighthearted story last winter got the chance to attend, too.

Snowed-in guests look back on the incident so fondly, that they were eager to return for the occasion with one dubbing it “one of the best weekends of my life”.

We’re not gonna lie, I think a sleepover in a pub would mark one of the best weekends of our lives, too. Draught beer. onhand? Check. Proper pub grub? Check. Good convo? Sounds like the perfect spot for a snow day to me.

Credit: The Tan Hill Inn

The Tan Hill Inn retains its record as the highest inn in the UK, and is a popular tourist attraction in the Yorkshire Dales all year round.

Guests can drink, dine, enjoy live music, or stay in one of the pub’s cosy (and recently refurbished) rooms – ideally located for exploring the Pennine Way and the North of the Dales.

The owners have also revealed big plans for the inn, revealing that they’d like to build a spa and open-air pool for walkers to enjoy after a long hike.

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