The Northern Lights Illuminated The Sky Last Night Across Yorkshire

The Northern Lights Illuminated The Sky Last Night Across Yorkshire

Yorkshire has once again been treated to an unique experience as the Northern Lights once again transformed the night skies across God’s Own Country last night. And, those with a camera will have been lucky enough to witness the incredible phenomenon take over the night’s sky.

Last night (Sunday 6th November), the Northern Lights otherwise known as the aurora borealis took over the skies a photographers across Yorkshire were quick to snap a picture of the night sky as it was bathed in greens, reds and pinks.

Credit: Instagram – Huggywanderlust

Places captured included Saltburn-by-the-Sea, along the Yorkshire Coast as well as the iconic Cow and Calf in West Yorkshire that sits above Ilkley and Beverley Westwood in East Yorkshire. The magical colours can be a struggle to see with the naked eye, but it is possible to photograph it to see the real magical spectrum of colour.

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How to spot the Northern Lights…

Whilst there is a chance to see the Northern Lights over the next few days there is no guarantee. Cloudy conditions and light pollution can affect visibility.

What you need is dark skies and a clear night to really get the most incredible sighting. So, if you’re looking to get a great glimpse you need to head out of the city or head to higher ground to catch a glimpse.

If you’re wondering how to know when is best to see the Northern Lights – visit the AururaWatchUK which is run by the Department of Physics at Lancaster University and provides a real-time status tool, which was on red alert Sunday evening.

We regularly check the website to see when the next Northern Lights activity is. It gives you information in realtime. So is really handy! Check out more of last nights great Northern Lights captures below.

Credit: Jayden Foster
Credit: hols_nature_photography86
Credit: Instagram – Martin_hornsey

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Feature Image Credit: hols_nature_photography86

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