Aldi Is Selling A Bargain £200 Pizza Oven That’s Perfect For This Summer

Aldi Is Selling A Bargain £200 Pizza Oven That’s Perfect For This Summer

This week has given us a glimmer of summer, although it seems a vague memory after today’s gloomy weather. But Aldi is keeping our spirits high with their newest SpecialBuy, which is absolutely perfect for this summer.

Credit: Aldi

As part of its summer selections, the supermarket chain has launched its own ‘Gardenline’ gas pizza oven for just £199.99 – saving hundreds of pounds for similar products on the market.

The oven features a pizza stone base, gas regulator and wheels and a handle for easy transportation around the garden – and has a stand built in so you don’t need to purchase a prep table.

Aldi said of the new product: “Transport your tastebuds to Italy with the help of this Gardenline Gas Pizza Oven. This stylish, innovative and durable oven provides an exciting method to cook outdoors. You’ll be able to create crisp charred crusts alongside gooey pools of tomato and cheese.”

Orders are restricted to one per person, as Aldi anticipates high demand for the must-have garden gadget of the year.

It’s a fraction of the price of other popular online brands, with cult favourites such as Ooni and Gozney costing hundreds of pounds more for a similar gas-powered oven.

Reviews of the pizza oven are amazing, too – with one person writing about the SpecialBuy saying: “Bought this summer 2021 and loved it!! Easy to assemble and use. Looking forward to many evenings in the garden enjoying again!”

Another wrote: “Best buy ever worth every penny. hubby has never bought another pizza from the takeaway shop again.”

In store, Aldi has a range of Italian offerings from pizza bases to yummy toppings so budding pizzaiolos will have everything ready and waiting to go. Fancy snapping one up? Head to Aldi’s website here.

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