A Bonkers Live Post-Mortem Experience Is Coming To Yorkshire This Spring

A Bonkers Live Post-Mortem Experience Is Coming To Yorkshire This Spring

If all things ghoulish, gory, and quite frankly, disgusting, are your thing – then you’re in luck, because a live (yep you read it right. LIVE!) post-mortem experience is coming to Yorkshire this spring, and it promises to hold no bars on the gore-factor.

An official event held for students, healthcare professionals and those with a curious mind, The Post Mortem Live will offer a fascinating insight into the human anatomy, with a compelling case to help solve which involves murder victim, Rachel – whose body has been found in a ditch after being disposed over 120 miles away from her home, wrapped in a carpet.

Credit: Medic Player Live

Post Mortem Live 2022 will challenge guests to help solve the case, seeking an explanation of the sequence of events that lead to the demise of Rachel – all by performing an actual autopsy on the cavader.

Coming to York, Sheffield and Hull, the unique event will feature a state-of-the-art ‘human’ body which all visitors can help dissect in a bid to find the ’cause of death’.

Here’s the official synopsis for the event: “The Post Mortem Live offers the chance to get hands on with real anatomical specimens of porcine origin contextualised into a simulated human body dissection.

“Using our state-of- the-art cadaver we’ll take you quite literally into the bowels of the post mortem process where you’ll have the chance to get hands on with real specimens, conduct real technical dissection and even ascertain the cause of death. An experience like no other.”

Here’s all the Yorkshire dates:

  • Saturday 5th March, York St John University
  • Wednesday 16th March, Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield
  • Thursday 17th March, Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield
  • Monday 4th April, The Village Hotel, Hull
  • Tuesday 5th April, The Village Hotel, Hull

Autopsies and dissecting things sound up your street? Find out more and get tickets here.

[Featured image: The Post Mortem Live]

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