The Stray In Harrogate Could Be Transformed Into An Alfresco Summer Dining Destination

The Stray In Harrogate Could Be Transformed Into An Alfresco Summer Dining Destination

Alfresco dining took the UK by storm last summer, with many big cities such as Leeds and Sheffield taking to the concept. It added a Mediterranean feel to our otherwise very British streets, and now, Harrogate could benefit from the concept this summer, too.

The Stray, Harrogate
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The Stray, which is managed by Harrogate Borough Council, is currently up for consideration as a space that local bars, restaurants and cafes could use to serve customers outdoors, according to a report which was revealed to a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The concept, which has so far been utilised on the streets outside of business premises, is seeking to allow businesses who do not have a suitable outdoor space to set up chairs and tables for service on the parkland, providing a COVID safe environment for their customers.

Cherry Tree Walk to Leeds Road
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The report said: “Consideration is being given as to whether it is possible to use limited parts of the Stray in the summer months where, due to the location, pavement licences or alternative locations are not logistically possible.

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A consultation will be conducted ahead of any decisions being made, however, the addition of a new, thriving outdoor dining space is sure to bring a new lease of life to Harrogate after a year in lockdown, allowing businesses to expand their offerings and recuperate some of the revenue lost during the pandemic.

The Stray was also temporarily used last summer to accommodate businesses who couldn’t obtain a pavement license.

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