Here’s All The Yorkshire Beaches Banning Dogs This Summer

Here’s All The Yorkshire Beaches Banning Dogs This Summer

Dog owners on the East coast will already be familiar with the seasonal rules that ban dogs from most Yorkshire beaches, but did you know you could face a £1000 fine for breaking those rules?

Coming into effect again on May 1st and ending on September 30th (as it does every year), those caught taking their pooches from a stroll on the affected beaches face a maximum penalty of up to £1000 – so you’ll want to be safe rather than sorry when planning a day out this summer with your four-legged friend. First offences may be fined £75 if caught.

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Known as the Dog Exclusion Order 2009, the ban aims to keep popular tourist beaches free from fouling and off-lead dogs, so that visitors can safely enjoy the beaches over the summer. The order also affects areas such as children’s playgrounds and grounds of educational establishments.

The only exception for the order is “to a person who is registered as a blind person or has a disability for which he relies upon an assistance dog trained by a prescribed charity.”

Here’s every Yorkshire beach affected this summer:

  • Bridlington North Beach
  • Bridlington South Beach
  • Withernsea Beach
  • Filey Beach
  • Scarborough South Bay
  • Scarborough North Bay
  • Hornsea Beach
  • Sandsend
  • Whitby Beach

Dogs are permitted on the less popular beaches, however, some may require dogs to be kept on lead when visiting.

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