10 Things You Could Do In Lockdown Two – If You Can Be Arsed

10 Things You Could Do In Lockdown Two – If You Can Be Arsed

There are another three weeks of lockdown left in England, and by now we’ve all checked what’s in the fridge a few times. Unlike lockdown one, we don’t have the glorious sun to pass the time, so what do we do this lockdown? Well, there are plenty of autumn activities to be getting on wi’. For a start, it is mid-November and we think that Christmas is close enough, that, for this year only, you can start getting festive early. Check out our list of suggestions to pass the time for the next three weeks of lockdown.

1. Perfect The Iconic Yorkshire Pud

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Whilst you’ve got an opportunity to take a step back from life, get working on your cooking skills. And, where else better to start than the fluffy clouds of goodness, the Yorkshire pud. If you’re feeling in an even more creative mood, you can get workin’ on the amazing Yorkshire pudding wraps that are all the rage wi youn’uns.

2. Brew Yer Own Bevvies

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There are a load of good starter packs you can get for beer brewing online. Imagine havin’ a cheeky home brew special to dish out t’ the family over Crimbo. You can even get stuck into making yer own Gin. Get those Yorkshire flavours in there like some rhubarb flavours.

3. Get In Shape

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Get yer whippet on the leash and mooch around the local parks and gardens that are open across the county. You can even take the missus with you if she’s finished the ironing. They say that a bitta exercise lifts your mood, and it’s nice to get outta house for a while.

4. Get Outta Shape

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All you gym lads and lasses use the opportunity to take a step back. There’s are these great thing called carbs and choccies, don’t know if you’ve heard of ’em? Get sat in front of tele, with a good film and take the time to relax and stop for a while. Here’s what’s new on Netflix this month.

5. Get In The Crimbo Spirit!

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Get up in the loft and search for last years tree and decorations, and have a bit of fun celebrating Christmas early. Switch the radio to the non-stop Christmas tunes, get the Baileys on ice and take your mind away from all this lockdown lark for a day.

6. Get Planning 2021

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We all know that 2020 has been a write off in many ways, we’ve spent over a third of the year in lockdown. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Get organising a trip to Tenerife wi’ the family next year. Start making a bucket list of places you’d like to visit and doing a bit of research.

7. Get To Know The Wife And Kids

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Those other people that share the space with you, they sometimes come asking for some money to go t’ shop, or to buy some new game for their console. Play a game, have a chat, you, never know you might have something in common with ’em.

8. Learn A New Language

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We know Yorkshire is a language in its own right. You’ve managed to get a good grasp on that, so imagine speaking French in a broad Yorkshire accent. “Bonjuuor”, you’ve got three weeks, that’s plenty of time to become fluent, next time you go abroad, there will be no need to shout louder when they don’t understand.

9. Reconnect With Mates Via Zoom

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The internet is a brilliant thing, and over the years, it’s hard to stay in touch with all of your pals. Now everyone in the country has slowed down again, why not reach out and organise a chat or an online game like poker (might even earn some money outta ’em).

10. Get Making Some Cinnamon Buns

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Apparently, it’s the new banana bread, so why not give it a go. Worst case scenario, your house will smell of cinnamon which is the most heavenly of smells.

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