This Leeds Shop Is Serving Mouthwatering Chip Butties For This Week Only

This Leeds Shop Is Serving Mouthwatering Chip Butties For This Week Only

Indulge in anticipation as we daydream about the delectable sandwiches gracing the menu this week at the renowned sandwich haven, Things In Bread (TIB), nestled in Leeds. Brace yourself, for they’ve orchestrated a week-long spectacle of chip butty creations that are nothing short of extraordinary.

For those seeking the pinnacle of carb-loaded satisfaction, a swift and purposeful journey to their city-center establishment is a must.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors as you relish each delightful filling ensconced within their artisanal shokupan-style bread.

Credit: Things In Bread

Cast your eyes upon the tantalizing update shared by Things In Bread on their social media platform: [Instagram Post Embed] Nested between slices of their own carefully crafted shokupan-style bread, these sandwiches evoke a wave of nostalgia that satiates even the most ravenous appetites.

The team at Things In Bread, stationed in the heart of Leeds City Centre, expressed, “All your favorites await:

  • Chip Butty
  • Cheesy Chip Butty
  • Salt & Pepper Chip Butty
  • Ham Egg & Chip Butty
  • Fish Finger & Chips Butty
  • Chips & Curry Sauce Butty

These offerings grace our menu throughout the week!”

Check out the packed chip butties at Things In Bread here:

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At its core, Things in Bread thrives on the concept of elevating the familiar to unparalleled excellence.

Originating from the dough-centric haven, Doh’hut Trevelyan Square (just around the corner), the establishment adapted to meet the surging demand for exceptional doughnuts.

During its initial two years, it intermittently dabbled in crafting sandwiches, perfecting bread recipes and curating a medley of fillings on diverse styles of bread.

The acquisition of 15 Boar Lane marked a pivotal step, intending to address a void in Leeds—a haven for made-to-order, freshly crafted, premium sandwiches.

Credit: Things In Bread

These affordable lunchtime delights stand as formidable alternatives to lackluster sandwich choices often encountered on commercial boulevards.

The TIB Menu emerged as an expression of affection for the unassuming sandwich deal—a repertoire encompassing classics like Egg & Cress, BLT, Roast Chicken Salad, and more.

A poignant inquiry nagged us incessantly: “Why settle for uninspiring fillings? Why endure parched bread? Why is an improved rendition of these timeless classics so elusive?”

These queries echoed as we devoured a standard-issue BLT from the local supermarket or nibbled on a conventional Tesco Chicken Salad. The answer to these persistent questions is encapsulated within the realm of ‘TIB.’

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