5 Yorkshire Bars Have Been Named In The Top 50 Cocktail Bars In The UK

5 Yorkshire Bars Have Been Named In The Top 50 Cocktail Bars In The UK

Dry January is over, and it’s time for us to start supping. After a month off the booze, why not start with something fancy from the Yorkshire bars that have featured in the 2022 top 50 cocktail bars in the UK? The list is produced by The Morning Advertiser and is a bucket list we’d like to get started on.

In its fourth year, the top 50 cocktails bar list is voted on by hundreds of experts, bar owners, bartenders and drinks writers from across the country

top 50 cocktails UK
Credit: Jake’s Bar

The top 20 this year is heavily based down south, but further up the list are a few from Yorkshire’s cosmopolitan West Yorkshire city of Leeds. Featured in the list is a Call Lane favourite Jake’s Bar and Still Room in at 24, with Roland’s Bar at 32 and Below the Stairs sneaking in at 39 with the lowest in the list Hedonist in at 42.

top 50 cocktails UK
Credit: Roland’s

The Steel City of South Yorkshire Sheffield got a shout out with its cocktail bar Public coming in at 41.

Some of this year’s list have made a return such as Jake’s Bar, which came in 15th last year and Below The Stairs, which came in at 39. Sheffield’s Public also featured in the 2021 list of cocktails coming in at 42, so stepping up a place this year.

top 50 cocktails UK
Credit: Public

Top 50 Cocktail Bars publisher Chris Lowe said: “The Top 50 Cocktail Bars list shines a light on the very best in the UK. We are thrilled to have so many new entries to the list this year, during what has been a particularly hard time for the hospitality industry.”

Check out the full list below, and make sure you support Yorkshire’s top cocktail bars by going for a cheeky bevvie, it’s the least you can do.

The Top 50 Cocktail Bars:

  1. Lab 22, Cardiff
  2. Swift Soho, London
  3. The Connaught Bar, London
  4. Tayēr + Elementary, London
  5. Satan’s Whiskers, London
  6. Bramble Bar & Lounge, Edinburgh
  7. Three Sheets, London
  8. Oriole, London
  9. Panda and Sons, Edinburgh
  10. Speak in Code, Manchester
  1. 🔶🟥🔵 , London
  2. Disrepute, London
  3. Nightjar, London
  4. Homeboy Bar, London
  5. American Bar, London
  6. SCHOFIELD’S BAR, Manchester
  7. Opium Cocktails & Dim Sum Parlour, London
  8. Coupette, London
  9. Artesian, London
  10. Scarfes Bar, London
  1. Trailer Happiness, London
  2. Lucky Liquor co., Edinburgh
  3. Happiness Forgets, London
  4. Jake’s Bar & Still Room, Leeds (15, 2021)
  5. Little Mercies, London
  6. The Absent Ear, Glasgow
  7. The Milk Thistle, Bristol
  8. Berry & Rye, Liverpool (37, 2021)
  9. Laki Kane, London
  10. Filthy XIII, Bristol
  1. Lyaness, London
  2. Roland’s Leeds, Leeds
  3. Gungho!, Brighton
  4. Hacha, London
  5. The Hideout, Bath
  6. Pennyroyal, Cardiff
  7. Couch, Birmingham
  8. Bar Termini, London
  9. Below Stairs, Leeds
  10. Hay Palu, Edinburgh
  1. Public, Sheffield (42, 2021)
  2. Hedonist, Leeds
  3. Present Company, Liverpool
  4. The Pineapple Club, Birmingham
  5. Publiq., London
  6. Ojo Rojo, Bournemouth
  7. L’ Atelier du Vin, Brighton
  8. Callooh Callay, London
  9. Mother Mercy, Newcastle upon Tyne
  10. The Cocktail Trading Co, London

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