This Pub In Yorkshire is Selling Loaded Fries Yorkshire Puddings And We Need One

This Pub In Yorkshire is Selling Loaded Fries Yorkshire Puddings And We Need One

There is nothing quite like pub grub – and with all of us heading down to the pubs for the Euros, some pubs have been getting creative with their menus. Where it’s loaded fries, pizza or wings, we can’t get enough of food you can pick at tapas-style whilst you watch the footie. This pub in West Yorkshire has the greatest Yorkshire nipple ever with their loaded fries Yorkshire Pudding!

Credit: The Fleece

That’s right! The beautiful traditional Yorkshire pud has been given a tasty update for the Euros at The Fleece in Farsley, Leeds. Their ‘Three Lions’ Euros special includes a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with fries that’s topped with cheese, gravy and onion rings – we’re drooling. It sounds too good to be true – we know.

Credit: The Fleece

The pub is selling these fantastic loaded fries for £6 or two for £10. You can get a range of other delicious offerings themed on other countries in the Euros. Enjoy something Swiss with their crispy fries, swiss cheese, sour kraut, gherkins and crispy onions.

Credit: Pixsy

Or, maybe you’d like something German as England them on next week? Their “Ze Germans” loaded fries come with german sausage, mustard and ketchup.

We think we’ll be sticking with the huge Yorkshire pud, thank you! Which one would you go for?

Credit: The Box

The Box in Leeds is also getting in Euros spirit with their huge beer towers and pizza. They’re perfect for sharing with mates, or, if you’re like us, having one to yourself.

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