This Yorkshire Coast Village Has Been Named Prettiest In World

This Yorkshire Coast Village Has Been Named Prettiest In World

This is big news! A Yorkshire village has been named as one of the prettiest in the world. That’s right! Yorkshire’s own up there with the Cinque Terre in Italy and more.

The North Yorkshire village, which is a part of the North York Moors is stealing the show when it comes to Instagram popularity, according the the good folks at Faraway Furniture.

The company delved into the world of Instagrammable villages, did they hit the jackpot when they headed to God’s Own Country.

Staithes in North Yorkshire is snagged seventeenth place and boy, and with good reason. Perched on a hill like it’s challenging the ocean to a staring contest, it used to be a a quaint fishing village.

Now, it’s all about the charming cobbled streets, cute cottages, a pocket-sized beach, and some cliffside paths that are basically catwalks for nature.

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And guess what? The UK isn’t hogging all the spotlight. You’ve got places like Burano and Cinque Terre showing off in Italy, and even Hobbiton in New Zealand making an appearance. It’s like a global parade of pure eye candy.

Now, if you’re hoping for the full dish on all the other villages that made the Instagram A-list, I’d totally spill it, but unfortunately, that’s all the deets I’ve got. If you’re hungry for more, whether it’s village gossip or anything else under the sun, just give me a shout!

Here’s the full list of the world’s most Instagrammable villages, according to Faraway Furniture. 

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy
  2. Reine, Norway
  3. Oia, Greece
  4. Burano, Italy
  5. Colmar, France
  6. Hallstatt, Austria
  7. Alberobello, Italy
  8. Hobbiton, New Zealand
  9. Shirakawa-go, Japan
  10. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
  11. Wegen, Switzerland
  12. Ait Benhaddou, Morocco
  13. Popeye Village, Malta
  14. Bibury, England
  15. Ortahisar, Turkey
  16. Fenghuang Ancient Town, China
  17. Staithes, Yorkshire
  18. Júzcar, Spain
  19. Palangan, Iran
  20. Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

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