This Coastal Village In Yorkshire Is A Hidden Gem With Scenic Views, Idyllic Cottages, And A Sandy Beach

This Coastal Village In Yorkshire Is A Hidden Gem With Scenic Views, Idyllic Cottages, And A Sandy Beach

Hidden along the Yorkshire coastline, if you squint, you could mistake the beautiful fishing village of Staithes’ unique burnt orange rooftops and whitewashed houses for the famous Italian Amalfi Coast. Its 18th-century cottages and cobbled streets make it a treasure of the Yorkshire coastline.

Once one of the largest fishing ports in the North East and a thriving fishing village, the Staithes Yorkshire village is sheltered by high cliffs that are peppered with quaint fisherman cottages and B&B’s overlooking the port, making it the perfect getaway.

Like the Amalfi Coast, it has an undeniable charm as it sits overlooking the stunning shoreline. Staithes beach may be small, but it’s a lovely sandy beach.

Walking along the cliffs overlooking the beautiful cliffs overlooking the village as the sunsets is as romantic as it gets. Take in the warm glow of the cottages as their lights flicker on, creating a warm and inviting glow that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pub walk that takes you, across impressive cliff land, along some of the famous Cleveland Way and through woodland all in one walk then check out our favourite Staithes pub walk.

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Head down the cliffs, and follow the beck that runs through the village to take in the sheltered views of the high cliffs surrounding you. The cove gives the feeling of being sheltered from the world.

Staithes have a fantastic beach that sits in between the village and Port Mulgrave that’s perfect for fossil hunting, and rock pooling, which is a fantastic day out for families looking to keep their young ones entertained.

If you stay in the Yorkshire village of Staithes, swap out the pizza and wine of the Amalfi Coast with some beautiful seafood and a nice ale from a long-established village favourite Cod & Lobster whilst enjoying a beautiful view of the harbour.

It’s the perfect place to try fresh & delicious fresh seafood and great ales – perfect after a long day of exploring.

Credit: Cod & Lobster

After you’ve spent some time exploring the cobbled streets, huddled cottages and unique coastal views, why not visit Lifeboat House and learn about Staithes’ incredible fishing heritage. If you’d like to get a feel for the life of a fisherman, take part in one of the boat tours on offer.

Famed explorer, Captain Cook, may well have found his love for the sea in this idyllic coastal village as he was an apprentice grocer here before his pining for the sea adventures became too much.

You can learn about Captain Cook’s endeavours at Captain Cook & Staithes Heritage Centre, which is a recreation of the shop he worked in whilst he lived in Staithes as well as a treasure trove of over 200 books, medals, letters and more giving you an insight into the famous explorer’s life.

Art lovers won’t want to miss the Staithes Festival that takes place on the 12 & 13th of September. Local galleries, cottages and public buildings showcase artists’ work, and visitors can explore the festival maze while stopping for a brew or a beer along the way.

If you’re heading to Staithes from Whitby, it’s around a twenty-minute journey along the coast from the popular seaside town of Whitby, where you can head over for some well-earned Whitby fish & chips.

Here are our top picks of places to visit in Staithes:

  • Cod & Lobster
  • The Endeavour Kitchen Restaurant and B&B
  • Lifeboat House
  • Captain Cook & Staithes Heritage Centre
  • Visit the quaint and independent gift shops
  • The Royal George Pub
  • Walk Along Cleveland Way

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