This Yorkshire Town Is One Of The 10 Kinkiest Places In The UK

This Yorkshire Town Is One Of The 10 Kinkiest Places In The UK

Well, who’d have thought it – you naughty buggers. The only one of two mentions from the North of England in the top 10 kinkiest places in the UK is the town of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, which came in 9th place in research done by

The number one spot, surprisingly, was taken by Cornwall with Wiltshire and Durham following. There must be something in the sea air that gets em going. Whereas the landlocked Donnie seems to be getting their randy vibes from somewhere else – maybe Meadowhall…

The company reached the conclusion of their top 10 kinkiest places by staring through people’s bedroom windows… No not really (we hope). They analysed data from their Valentine’s card sales from the previous year to work it out. And, the places that bought the ‘cheekiest’ Valentine’s cards (We’ll let your minds wander to what cheekiest could mean) were named as the kinkiest due to that choice.

One a cleaner, much sweeter not, the company found that Leeds purchased the most romantic Valentine’s Day cards with 33% of the volume making them the most lovey-dovey place in the UK. Whereas tight arse Londoners were named ‘loneliest hearts’ due to the lowest volume of cards purchased.

Check out the top 10 kinkiest spots in the UK:

1. Cornwall

2. Wiltshire

3. Durham

4. Plymouth

5. Bournemouth

6. Dorset

7. Medway

8. Fife

9. Doncaster

10. Bedford

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson at thortful said, “With more naughty cards sold above any other category last Valentine’s it’s great to see so many couples in the UK showing their fun side with coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place and keeping their relationship spark alive!”.

Check out the full survey here.

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