This Yorkshire Village Has Been Named As One Of The Worst Places To Live In The UK

This Yorkshire Village Has Been Named As One Of The Worst Places To Live In The UK

Yorkshire is known for its natural beauty, and its sleepy idyllic villages. People travel far and wide to visit God’s Own Country staying in quaint cottages in one of its two national parks and along the stunning Yorkshire coast. So, for one of Yorkshire’s villages to feature at the bottom of a survey by Garrington Property Finders on places to live is a big surprise to us.

The competition for space, reassessment of ‘home,’ and increased acknowledgement of ‘green’ credentials among house movers have contributed to a dramatic shift in the top 20 Places to Live Index in a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic was a trigger for over 630,000 home migrations.

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Only seven of the survey’s top 20 destinations from 2021 are still on the list this year. The Garrington Index has been updated for 2022, with additional criteria added to our ‘quality-of-life category’, as well as sustainability parameters introduced to meet evolving customer preferences.

The list ranks each area surveyed by its natural beauty rank, its quality of life, architectural beauty, green rank and its price band. Thorpe Willoughby came near the bottom in each of these rankings.

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The tiny village of Thorpe Willoughby in Selby, North Yorkshire was ranked 1362 in a list of 1372 places to list, which makes it in the top 11 worst places to live in the UK according to the property finders survey.

Garrington Property Finders list ranks each area by a range of factors that includes natural beauty, quality of life, architectural beauty, green rank and price brand. Most of which the village featured at the bottom of each of these rankings.

The village ranked higher in quality of life, where it was rated 579 out of 1372. In other areas, it ranked near the bottom with a natural beauty rating of 1300, architectural beauty of 1253 and a green ranking of 1294.

The average family home in the area, according to the list, costs between £350,000 and £650,000.

Bath took the top spot in the list of best places to live in the UK. There was no place in Yorkshire in the top 10, and nearly every entry in the top ten was for towns and villages in the south of the country.

Although, last year award-winning estate agents Carver Residential, announced they were “seeing a sea of sold properties in the office, houses are selling immediately after going on the market.” an property prices in the area have risen by 29 per cent in the Richmond area in the last year.

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