Trick Or Treating Banned In ‘Local Lockdown’ Areas As Cases Surge

Announcing the news this afternoon, No. 10 has confirmed that trick or treating is banned in areas that are in lockdown, as it is considered to be ‘household mixing’.

Currently, more than 16.8 million Brits (mostly in the North) are living under tighter restrictions due to local lockdowns – and now, Downing Street has confirmed that trick or treating is not permitted under the guidance where restrictions are in place.

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The new measures mean that no children in Calderdale, Bradford, Kirklees, Leeds, Middlesborough or any other towns and cities under ‘local lockdown’ rules will be allowed to partake in Halloween trick or treating this year. For those living outside of a local lockdown area, however, only the rule of six will apply when taking part in the Halloween tradition.

Credit: Unsplash

A Number 10 spokesperson has said, “The rules are clear on household mixing, dependent on whether you are in a local lockdown area or not… We are clear that everybody needs to follow the rule of six to ensure we can control and try and reduce the spread of the virus… The rule of six will be asked of the public.”

“In local lockdown areas, we have been clear that households should not mix… Anywhere elsewhere there isn’t a local lockdown, the rule of six applies.”

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