Yorkshire Steakhouse Comes Under Fire For Naked Man Riding Cow On Roof

Yorkshire Steakhouse Comes Under Fire For Naked Man Riding Cow On Roof

Set to open soon, the Tomahawk Steakhouse in Saltburn has come under fire for putting one of its signature life-size replica cow on the roof of its brand new venue.

A post has been doing the round on social media of a man, who seems to be fully named sitting on top of the cow, adding a little fuel to the fire for those upset about the cow’s positioning.

The move had been criticised in spite of the naked man riding the cow, with people not happy about the ‘mockery’ the cow on the roof had, with some vegans showing their issues with the distasteful dairy cow on the roof.

Dubbing the whole affair “cow-gate”, owner Howard Eggleston has thankfully laughed off the whole thing, explaining the reasoning why the cow was placed on the roof in the first place.

Howard Eggleston told Teeside Live: “We put those cows around a lot of our venues, it’s a signature thing.

“We were going to put them in the garden, and the garden is getting rebuilt and done at the minute, so the builders literally, as a bit of fun, stuck it on the roof just to keep it out of the way.”

Credit: Tomahawk Steakhouse

He continued: “We have a great vegan and vegetarian menu. We go out of our way to make sure they can also come and enjoy their dinner with us with meat-eating friends. If the builder’s putting a cow on the roof has upset everyone then I do apologise – there was never any intent to make anyone’s day bad.”

The new restaurant is set to open on the 24th of June and offers a range of vegan and vegetarian options as well as tasty steaks and burgers. It also boasts a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the beach, with beautiful sea views which will be particularly special when the sky turns at sunset.

Credit: Tomahawk

Tomahawk currently operates sites in York, Beverley, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Durham, Potto and more sites in the North East – with Saltburn marking their 11th Tomahawk restaurant.

The team has yet more new restaurants in its sights, too, including a new site in Harrogate.

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