Deliveroo Offer ‘No-Contact’ Delivery Amid Coronavirus

Deliveroo Offer ‘No-Contact’ Delivery Amid Coronavirus
Fair play to Deliveroo!

With uncertainty and anxieties high over the coronavirus, Deliveroo has announced huge changes in response to the outbreak. Deliveroo Director M Will Shu showed concern for customer and staff safety and announced changes to help stem the flow of the virus.

Deliveroo has put together a team of people dedicated to answering any questions regarding COVID-19 and started a fund that aims to support their riders and ensure they’re sage while working, as well as supporting those financially who are diagnosed with coronavirus.

Saying “I wanted to write to you directly to keep you informed of the steps I’ve asked my team at Deliveroo to take to ensure we are prepared for all scenarios,”

“My absolute number one priority is the safety of customers, riders and restaurants, no matter what happens.”

He also said they’re also “launching a no-contact drop-off service which will mean you can request in the app that your rider leaves the food on your doorstep – removing the need for direct contact for both parties.”

This means that you can request a no-contact drop off which will help with the spreading of the virus.

Mr Shu went on to say how “We know that people’s day-to-day lives are disrupted right now because of coronavirus, and we’re working hard to ensure we provide the best service to you during this period.

“As well as food from restaurants and takeaways, you can also order kitchen and household products from local stores and supermarkets on the Deliveroo app, making everyday life that much easier.”

“Throughout this time, we’ll be relentlessly focused on doing everything we can to support the restaurants and riders working with us, and to bring you safe deliveries from the best restaurants across the country,” says Shu in his closing statement.