Two Yorkshire Landmarks Named In Top Ten Ugliest Buildings In Britain

Two Yorkshire Landmarks Named In Top Ten Ugliest Buildings In Britain

Yorkshire is famous for its beautiful countryside, coastline and idyllic villages, but its cities are a sight to behold as well with each transforming into its own entity over the years. But, not all transformations please everyone and some of Yorkshire’s landmarks have made the list of Britain’s 10 most ugliest buildings.

Company Buildworld, analysed tweets and reviews of buildings in the UK to find the UK’s ugliest architectural eyesores, according to the public.

They then used a sentiment analysis tool called HuggingFace to analyse the percentage of tweets that were negative about each building’s design.

Two Yorkshire structures were included in the top 10 ugliest buildings. We find they’re in the unduly as both have a certain appeal we find, but you know what social media is like

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First mentioned in the list is Bridgewater Place in Leeds, which came seventh place. The skyscraper, which sits at 112 metres high and is nicknamed the Dalek, is a mixture of flats and offices and stands proud amongst Leeds Skyline.

And in eighth place, just behind the Leeds skyscraper, was Redacr’s Beacon. It’s seven stories high and is home to a bar, cafe, public toilets and offices along with a viewing tower that’s no longer in use due to anti-social behaviour.

Credit: Photo © peter robinson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Check out the list of Britain’s ugliest buildings below:

  1. Scottish Parliament Building (Edinburgh)
  2. Newport Station (Newport)
  3. Preston Train Station (Preston)
  4. Royal Liverpool Hospital (Liverpool)
  5. MI6 Building (London)
  6. One Hyde Park (London)
  7. Bridgewater Place (Leeds)
  8. Redcar Beacon (Redcar)
  9. Balfron Tower (London)
  10. Shankly Hotel (Liverpool)

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