Watch The Moment Yorkshire Batsman Hits A Huge Six Through His Own Car Window

The moment a batsman hit a six through his car window was caught on camera this weekend in Halifax, West Yorkshire. A scene that would get £200 from You’ve Been Frame has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter.

Credit: Illingworth St Mary’s CC

Taking place at Illingworth St Mary’s Cricket Club over the weekend, the footage shows batsman, Asif Ali, hit a hell of a six straight the back window of his car.

Most batsmen would have killed for a shot like that, but the moments was definitely bittersweet. The best moment of all is that the moment was caught on camera, and you can see (and hear) the exact moment it smashes through the window and the moment Ali realises it is in fact his own car.

Credit: Illingworth St Mary’s CC

The umpire calls the six whilst Ali looks absolutely gutted at what he’s done to the back of his car. Everyone around stares in amazement at what’s just happened, and no one seems to be able to quite believe it.

Other cricketers have been sharing similar stories. One person said: “I’ve actually done that in a game. Not only that, it was a mate’s car & he gave me a lift to the game.”

Credit: Illingworth St Mary’s CC

Another wrote that: “My lovely late Grandad regaled us once of how he put one through a window of passing bus.”

And one more wrote: “I hit a through the (closed) sunroof of my brand new @PeugeotUK car back in 98 @WTSC_UK vs @Fullers– drove straight to the game from picking it up.”

It seems that it is a much more common occurrence than one would think. Not that we think it’ll make it any easier for Asif to take with his broken window.

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