3 Yorkshire Towns And Cities Included In The Top 10 Nights Out In The UK

3 Yorkshire Towns And Cities Included In The Top 10 Nights Out In The UK

We are all finally allowed out of the house, and we couldn’t be more excited! Yorkshire has some of the best nights out we’ve had around the UK, even though we may be biased. Whether you’re from the North, West, East or South of Yorkshire, there are some iconic venues in every city and town.

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This has been confirmed through a new poll that has revealed that Yorkshire’s towns and cities have been named in the top 10 nights out in the UK. Featuring in the top ten was Middlesborough in 4th place, Hull in 8th place and Huddersfield in 10th place.

There is a slight change from the usual towns and cities that feature in – which is interesting to see. The poll was done by MyVoucher Codes, and each city in the UK was compared based on the average price of a pint and a gin and tonic.

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Other things taken into account were how safe a city was, the number of bars and clubs per 100,000 people, the price of a taxi, the average meal and a night stay in a hotel. So, if you’re looking for a cheap, decent weekend away, we’ve got you covered.

Topping the list was Swansea, with Northampton in 2nd place and Derby in 3rd place.

We’ve had a few nights out in Hull in our time, and it has some cool bars down Princes Avenue. The Fruit Market and Marina are becoming quite the cool hotspots as well.

Check the full list of the top 10 nights out in the UK below:

  1. Swansea
  2. Northampton
  3. Derby
  4. Middlesbrough
  5. Nottingham
  6. Coventry
  7. Stoke
  8. Hull
  9. Wolverhampton
  10. Huddersfield
Credit: The Piper

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