Wetherspoons Has Concocted Six New Cocktails Including A Koppaberg One

With the sun peaking its head over the clouds this weekend, and the promise of lighter nights is upon us. It seems that summer is only around the corner. Wetherspoons must be feeling it too, as the pub chain has just introduced six new cocktail offerings to their menu.

Standing out of the crowd and one that we feel will be popular with Spoons’ clientele is The Kopparberg Strawberry Delight. Using, you guessed it Kopparberg’s strawberry and lime cider along with gin wit lemonade and lime, it’s sure to cool you down on those warm summer days.

Credit: Wetherspoons

Other cocktails being added to the menu are Cranberry Breeze, which mixes vodka, cranberry juice with lemonade and lime; Rhubarb Spritz, a blend of vodka, Dalston’s fizzy rhubarb, lemonade and lime; a classic Moscow Mule made from vodka, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, lemonade and lime; and Mighty Booch, which mixes vodka, Remedy kombucha, raspberry lemonade, soda and lime.

On sale now, so you can pick your preferred choice for the summer months. You can order by the glass or by the pitcher, hard choice we know.

Credit: Wetherspoons

Unfortunately, with greatness comes sacrifice and Spoons have had to drop some classics to make way for the new cocktails. Exiting this years menu are Ultra Violet, Absolutely Cherry and Long Island Iced Tea.

Strongbow introduced their new offering for summer earlier, with the introduction of their rosé cider, both companies know how to get us on the summer hype early!