What It Means To Be From Yorkshire, AKA The Greatest County In The World

What It Means To Be From Yorkshire, AKA The Greatest County In The World

It’s officially Yorkshire Day, and just like we do every single day of the year, we’re celebrating everything our wonderful region has to offer – as well as the people that live in it. Whether you’re new to God’s Own Country or born ‘n’ bred – it means something to reside in the historical county of Yorkshire. Here’s some reasons to be patriotic on a day like today…

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We’re friendly by nature

If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s our Yorkshire charm!

We’re great at being frugal

We have a reputation of being “tight” with our cash, but we just call it being great with money.

We’re from a place of historical importance

Sod London. Yorkshire is the original capital of England.

We’re part of an unofficial society of people filled with pride

Yorkshire Pudding batter runs through our veins – and it’s something that will linger in our bloodline for generations to come, whether we leave Yorkshire or not.

We have one of the most recognisable regional accents in the world

Even Hollywood actors like Anne Hathaway have given it a go!

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We’re from a region which still holds tradition dear

Flat caps, Sunday dinners, whippets… Some of our oldest traditions remain in tact to this day. BRB while I have a boogie to On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at.

We’re from the homeland of the some of the world’s greatest foods

Yorkshire Puds, liquorice, rhubarb, gingerbread, Wensleydale cheese, ginger beer, Rowntrees sweets and even the Terry’s chocolate orange… The list goes on!

[Featured image: Alexander – stock.adobe.com]

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