A Bakery Packed Full Of Treats Especially For Dogs Has Opened In South Yorkshire

A Bakery Packed Full Of Treats Especially For Dogs Has Opened In South Yorkshire

Meadowhall has been officially blessed with a brand new bakery – except this time, it’s for especially for the pooches (guess we’ll just have to hit up Millie’s Cookies to make up for it!).

Created by the team behind Mansfield-born Frenchie Frenchie, a dog cafe and bakery founded back in 2019, the new bakery takes dog treats to the next level – creating literal masterpieces for our pooches to enjoy.

Credit: Frenchie Frenchie/The Barkery

Found on the lower mall near JD, pawrents can shop a range of ‘WOOFnuts’ and ‘WUFFles’, all pawfectly decorated with dog-friendly takes on ‘Lotus’ biscuits, ‘custard creams’ and even ‘Oreos’.

Despite looking like the kind of treats you shouldn’t give your canine counterpart, each product is especially designed to be consumed by dogs, swapping out any nasties for dog-friendly ingredients when creating their recipes.

Flavours include beef, bacon, pineapple, chicken and duck, with tons of Instagrammable treats available to choose from.

Opening for the first time just this month, the new kiosk marks Frenchie Frenchie’s fourth site – following fast success in Mansfield, Nottingham and Essex.

Credit: Frenchie Frenchie/The Barkery

And while, unfortunately, Meadowhall itself isn’t dog-friendly (with the exception of support dogs and support dogs in training), it’s a great stop off to treat good boys and girls when you get home from your shopping trip, and even makes for an extra special gift for a dog-obsessed friend (It’s me. I am that friend!).

Open now, the new bakery is currently operated by co-owner Arran and his team, with freshly made treats being brought over from their new production unit in Kirkby in Ashfield.

The Meadowhall opening makes up part of huge growth for the brand, with more kiosks and cafes in the works to open soon.

The Barkery can be found at Lower Mall, outside JD in Meadowhall, and is open 7 days a week.

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