Whitby Has Been Named The Third Best Staycation Destination In The UK

Whitby Has Been Named The Third Best Staycation Destination In The UK
The historical town attracts tons of tourists every single year.

Dracula, Whitby Abbey, the 199 Steps… It’s no wonder that Whitby attracts millions every year. Dripping with history, the town has been officially named one of the most popular hotspots for Brits, with HomeAway collating a ton of data on where Brits prefer to take a staycation.

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Whitby comes in the respectable third place, following big cities London and Edinburgh. The data was published just this week by HomeAway – a global expert in family holiday rentals – in their Family Holiday Insider 2020 report.

The list reveals the places families thought were best value for money to visit (not sure how London makes that cut, but hey ho!), with the average family spending £38 per night, per person in Whitby. See the list in full below:

  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Whitby
  4. St Ives
  5. York
  6. Newquay
  7. Windermere
  8. Filey
  9. Tenby
  10. Swanage

Other Yorkshire destinations on the list were York, in fifth place, and Filey in eighth place. Filey had the lowest average price paid per person at a cheap as chips £33 and even the best beaches for families (like we didn’t know already!), ranking as one of the cheapest staycation options for British families. York, on the other hand, came in a tad more expensive (as expected) at an average of £47 per night, per person.

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Elsewhere in the report, Staithes ranked as one of the cheapest places to visit for families – costing an average of just £34 per night, per person, while York ranked as one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers visiting from outside of the UK.

I’m all of a sudden desperate for a staycation…

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