8 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In East Yorkshire

8 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In East Yorkshire

Now, more than ever we need to know what is local around us so we can get out and enjoy the fresh air. We’ve found the best East Yorkshire nature walks for you to enjoy to keep you sane during the winter months. The biggest draw of East Yorkshire is its beautiful coastline, from the towering white cliffs of Flamborough Head to the majestic Spurn Point the thrusts itself into the sea. Sit back with a brew and get inspired by the God’s Own Country.

Please ensure you are exercising locally, as per the government lockdown guidelines.

1. Spurn Point Nature Reserve

Spurn Point is Yorkshire’s own Land’s End, the located of the East Coast it reaches 3-miles into the River Humber estuary and is almost 49-metres wide. It has beautiful sea views all year round and is the perfect place for a reviving walk. Its iconic lighthouse, when open, gives some awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Yorkshire coast. No day is ever the same here, which gives you a great excuse to visit more than once.

2. Wharram Quarry Nature Reserve

Maintained by the National Trust, this reserve has some incredible wildlife to enjoy throughout the year. In the wintertime, you can see Hebridean sheep grazing on the hillside. The site was an active quarry between 1919 and 1940, but now you can enjoy some spectacular scenery which varies throughout the year. Also, if you have a chance, you can visit the medieval village of Wharram Percy, which has some old-fashioned ruins to enjoy as well as a beautiful river and pond to enjoy. You can find the beautiful East Yorkshire nature walk, Wharram Percy Quarry near Malton.

3. Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve

Flamborough Head is situated along the coastline of Yorkshire and has one of the seabird colonies in Europe. In the summertime, you can find thousands of birds such as auks, gannets, gulls and puffins – which is great for birdwatchers and photographers. The cliffs resemble England’s south coast, and in the summer the grassland is carpeted in rich flowers that attract beautiful butterflies,

4. North Cave Wetlands

North Cave Wetlands is a former sand and gravel quarry that is now a nature reserve run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. There are six lakes that make up the reserve with a 2km path that circles the perimeter. It is a great place to spot wildlife all year round and has five hides if you are wanting to do some birdwatching. It’s a really great place to visit and one of East Yorkshire nature walks.

5. RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs near Bridlington is the home to one of the most amazing spectacles the UK’s natural wildlife has to offer. Every year around half a million seabirds gather in the chalk cliffs to raise a family. There are six viewpoints along the cliffs where you can take in the most breath-taking awesome sight along the Yorkshire coast. It’s the UK’s largest sea bird colony, and you can see a huge array of a bird soaring along the towering white cliffs.

6. Humber Bridge Country Park

If you’re looking for variety, the Humber Bridge Country Park has it all. You can enjoy a walk through woods, meadows, ponds and cliffs all in the same place. The huge 21-hectare reserve was declared a place of significant interest and named a reserve back in 2002. This 13th-century area was quarried for chalk, and the old quarry cliff terraces now form the edges of the reserve. It’s the perfect place for a family walk or a nice walk out with the pet – there is plenty of wildlife to take in as well

7. Allerthorpe Common

Visited by roe deer, this 6-hectare reserve is beautiful all year round. It has wildlife in abundance from buzzing bees to woodpeckers. It has some beautiful plant life to experience as well as some spectacular ponds. It’s a nice little walk to take with family, but be aware dogs aren’t allowed on this site.

8. Danes Dyke Local Nature Reserve

Danes Dyke is one of the best nature walks in East Yorkshire. It is a beautiful piece of the east coast, near Bridlington – once on the beach, you can enjoy beautiful views of the white chalk cliffs. It’s a big hit with dog walkers but be warned it’s a steep walk down to the beach. The area is protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is great all year round. From the car park, you can take several walks, through either the woodland or along the beach.

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