Will Schools In Yorkshire Close To Mourn The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II?

Will Schools In Yorkshire Close To Mourn The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II?

As many of us mourn the death of the only monarch in our lifetime, the majority of us are wondering: how will this affect my day-to-day life during the mourning period? We’ve gathered the answers.

Will schools in Yorkshire close for mourning?

Schools will close on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which is currently expected to take place on Monday 19th September.

It is currently not known if schools will close for any additional days during the mourning period, however, The Department of Education is expected to make an announcement on the matter soon.

Will there be a bank holiday?

As Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral is a state funeral, much of the country will shut down for the occasion. Should this take place on a weekday as expected, there will be a bank holiday – however, it will not be called a ‘bank holiday’. The day will be referred to as a ‘national day of mourning’.

The day will act similarly to a bank holiday, so many businesses will remain closed for the occasion.

Should the funeral take place on Sunday 18th September, there will be no bank holiday.

Despite the day being marked as a ‘national day of mourning’, businesses will not have to allow their staff the day off as they do on normal bank holidays. The decision will be down to the discretion of the employer.

What businesses will close?

Businesses are operating as normal during the mourning period, with the exception of some Royal botanical gardens, which have closed to mark their respect.

Theatres will dim their lights and observe a moment of silence for the Queen, and it’s expected that many tributes will begin showing up across the nation, particularly at city halls and other national buildings.

Businesses will mostly be affected on the national day of mourning, when many businesses such as banks will close shop to observe the Queen’s funeral.

Some shops have decided to close today following the Queen’s passing, including luxury department store Selfridges.

When will Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral take place?

It is currently expected that the Queen’s funeral will take place on Monday 19th September, however, this is yet to be announced. It is likely that King Charles III will announce further details in his first address to the nation today.

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