Yorkshire Beats Cornwall & Scotland To Become ‘Most Desirable’ UK Destination

Yorkshire Beats Cornwall & Scotland To Become ‘Most Desirable’ UK Destination

At this point, we’re not even surprised by Yorkshire’s greatness. What we are often surprised at, however, is other people’s surprise. Making up part of a poll that saw over 2,000 people name their favourite UK destinations, Yorkshire managed to beat out some of the staycation heavyweights this year – due to the great value our gorgeous region has to offer. And we didn’t even need to go viral on Tiktok for that accolade!

Topping the list comprising nine other extremely popular UK holiday destinations, Yorkshire beat Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands to the top this year (which sat at 2nd and 3rd, respectively) – as part of Sykes Cottages Staycation Index 2023 – with even beautiful Cumbria and Wales trailing behind God’s Own Country.

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Surprisingly, it wasn’t Yorkshire’s coastal towns that pulled up the popularity, either – it was actually the region’s more underrated towns and villages, such as Holmfirth, Haworth and Hebden Bridge that the study found the best value for money. The two coastal locations that did make the list were Staithes and Hornsea, which, despite their beauty, don’t quite hold the immediate recognition of nearby seaside towns Whitby and Scarborough.

Yorkshire’s win comes as it’s revealed by the same report that 75% of Brits will opt for a staycation this year as a direct result of the cost of living crisis. Last year, a whopping 82% Brits holidayed at home, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down just yet, particularly with the rise of Tiktok – a place that’s become a fountain of holiday inspiration for the UK’s most beautiful destinations. There, destinations such as Cornwall, the Lake District and Devon have been massively trending, with 1.2 billion people fawning over the Cornwall hashtag on the platform.

Other reasons for opting for a UK holiday included that Brits found it to be ‘less stressful’ and ‘cheaper’, while others mentioned that the pandemic had highlighted great places to visit in the UK.

Elsewhere in their research, Sykes Cottages found that 39% of participants preferred a cottage stay when on the hunt for a staycation, while 29% preferred a luxury hotel and spa, 27% liked a city break and 26% preferred heading beachside.

Proximity to a beach, however, proved to be an important factor when hunting for a stay, with 34% of participants deeming this an important amenity, while others found proximity to shops to be important (33%). The biggest dealbreaker, however, was unsurprisingly a lack of hot tub, with bookings up 104% on properties with hot tubs.

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Graham Donoghue, chief executive at Sykes Cottages, said: “With holiday season almost upon us, travellers are starting to make plans for the year ahead if they haven’t already. It’s great to see staycations remain a popular choice for many and with financial pressures significantly impacting holidaymakers’ travel choices, it’s no surprise that holidaying closer to home can be a more affordable option.

“The UK has so much to offer and there are so many beautiful regions to visit that mean you don’t have to compromise on your holiday experience. From award-winning beaches to stunning countryside and city breaks, there are also plenty of hidden gems to be found in our home country.”

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