These Two Yorkshire Christmas Market Have Been Named Amongst the Best In The UK

These Two Yorkshire Christmas Market Have Been Named Amongst the Best In The UK

We can’t wait to get Halloween out of the way so we can start the countdown to Christmas. It’s definitely our favourite time of year, with the twinkling lights, getting cosy around a fire and enjoying Christmas cheer with a glass of mulled wine right up our street.

And, we are lucky enough to have two of the top 10 Christmas Markets in the UK on our doorstep. That’s right. Leeds, which has been cancelled for the second year, but will take a different form this year and York, which will feature a two-storey Swiss Chalet this year, have been included in a list of the top Christmas Markets in the UK, which is music to our ears.

Although, we also think Sheffield’s Christmas Market will be a belter this year as it moves onto The Moors for a change with the same Big Wheel and alpine cabins filled with local traders.

The study that named the two Yorkshire cities’ Xmas markets as top brass was Christmas Tree World, which used data from Instagram and Google to look at which markets attract the most people and had the highest number of searches.

The company also looked at how long the events lasted for and the average price of accommodation nearby and it looks like Leeds and York came up trumps.

Beaten to the top spot by Manchester but still making the podium, third place went to Leeds, which saw more than 6,000 searches per month on Google and 4,000 tags on Instagram. The Leeds Christmas market will run from November 15th for 43 days. York came in 7th place which is nothing to be sniffed

Here are the UK’s top ten Christmas markets, according to the study:

  1. Manchester
  2. Nottingham
  3. Leeds
  4. Birmingham
  5. Winchester
  6. Edinburgh
  7. York
  8. Bristol
  9. Chester
  10. Newcastle

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