Yorkshire Folk’s Favourite Sex Positions And Fetishes Have Been Revealed

Yorkshire Folk’s Favourite Sex Positions And Fetishes Have Been Revealed

Yorkshire’s naughty kinks have been discovered by fashion brand Nast Gal, who discovered the UK’s favourite sexual kinks and positions. So instead of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, why not treat your partner to something a little racier?

Using Google search trends, they discovered the popular sex positions and fetishes across the UK, and you can see Yorkshire’s below:

Credit: Unsplash

In Yorkshire, it seems that if you want to impress your partner, rather than splash out on jewellery and aftershave, your better off spending your money on a pedicure. The research found that Yorkshire cities Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds enjoy a bit of foot fetish, so make sure you clean your feet for your partner this Valentine’s Day. 

The Yorkshiremen seem to be letting the team down with their lazy effort to lovemaking. The research found that the most common sex position was ‘woman on top.

Credit: Unsplash

So, if you Yorkshiremen are hoping for some action you best do something nice for your partner if you’re expecting them to make an effort. The West Yorkshire city of Bradford likes the woman to do the work as well with Bradford folk love a bit of cowgirl position.

Credit: Nasty Gal

Check out the full study here.

It must be the Yorkshiremen’s sexy accents that allows them to get away with putting such efforts on their partner in the bedroom. According to research, we have one of the sexiest accents in the UK.

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