Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted One Of The Top 10 Least Sexiest Accents In The UK

Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted One Of The Top 10 Least Sexiest Accents In The UK

Now, this one’s a pretty difficult one for us to write. Not because we care what people think, but because we’re pretty biased towards our wonderful county. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says – us Yorkshire folk know full well, we’re the best/sexiest/prettiest/insert positive adjective here, and regardless of what the general public says – we’re probably gonna just ignore it.

But still, we couldn’t ignore the fact that the UK did us the dirty to this extent, naming one West Yorkshire accent, in particular, the second least sexy in the UK. Ouch.

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Falling tragically behind the likes of Scottish (which was ranked the sexiest) and Geordie (which was ranked second sexiest), the Leeds accent got completely pied – with only 4% of participants in the survey saying they’d grab their coat for a Leeds accent.

Now, the survey only included 2,000 people, and we bet they probably weren’t from Yorkshire at all (and if they were, they deserve to be exiled, in our non-professional opinion). Conducted by the team at happn, a dating app that has just launched a brand new voice message feature, the findings found that there were particular parts of the UK that were turn ons (and turn offs!), with further findings showing that Brits in general preferred a husky voice.

Here’s the sexiest accents in full:

  • Scottish (21%)
  • Geordie (17%)
  • Welsh (16%)
  • Northern Irish (14%)
  • Queen’s English (13%)

And the least sexy…

  • Essex (3%)
  • Leeds (4%)
  • Birmingham (5%)
  • Cockney (6%)
  • Liverpool (7%)

[Featured image: ITV]

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