Yorkshire Has Been Named The Most Haunted Place In The UK

Yorkshire Has Been Named The Most Haunted Place In The UK

Love things that go bump in the night? Then you’re luck you’re in Yorkshire – because as it turns out, we’re the most haunted place in the entirety of the UK.

Boasting more paranormal occurances than any other part of the UK, the team at Slotbox.com found that Yorkshire had had more ghostly sightings than anywhere else – according to reports made to the Paranormal Database, with a whopping 786 entries (at the time of the report) made over the years.

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The database boasts a ton of unsettling findings, even dating back to the 1800s, with many of the sightings seen by numerous people who have made their own accounts.

Unsurprisngly, York ranks as one of the most haunted places in Yorkshire, with paranormal sightings in historic areas such as Mickelgate, The Shambles, a number of pubs and plenty of old private residences.

From ghosts with severed heads to strange occurences such as lights switching off and cats fixating on certain corners of the house, the reportings suggest that the Medieval city is full of paranormal activity, which should place it on the top of the list of places to visit this Halloween if you fancy scaring yourself silly.

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Other areas of Yorkshire with tons of paranormal sightings include Whitby (unsurprisingly given its gothic reputation), the Steel City of Sheffield and the Victorian seaside town of Scarborough.

Elsewhere in the findings, Slotbox revealed that Greater London was the second most haunted place in the country, with 684 paranormal sightings recorded. Lancashire was then third place, followed by Essex.

While Yorkshire was the most haunted overall, the Welsh region of Gwent was crowned as the place where people are most likely to spot a poltergeist, due to the volume of the population who have reported sightings over the years.

A spokesperson from Slotbox.com commented on the findings: “The UK has a lot of spooky history, and with Halloween on the way, it’s incredible to see how many paranormal sightings have been reported.

“As Yorkshire takes the top spot for the location with the most sightings, it’s fascinating to find that Gwent in Southeast Wales has the highest chances of seeing this spooky activity with your own eyes.”

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