Yorkshire Has Made It Into Condé Nast’s 13 Best Places To Visit In The UK For 2023

Yorkshire Has Made It Into Condé Nast’s 13 Best Places To Visit In The UK For 2023

Yes, the whole county has been given a mention in the Condé Nast Travellers’ must-see places in the UK in 2023. It mentioned the rugged landscape and rich historical tapestry as a couple of reasons why someone might want to visit God’s Own Country.

The popular travel magazine releases a list of the most beautiful places across the world to shine a spotlight on – and Yorkshire best get ready to Vogue as it enjoys its moment in the spotlight.

Its list is curated by expert contributors that highlight cities, regions and counties that should be on people’s radar to travel in the coming year and Condé Nast Traveller guys have included Yorkshire along with the likes of Manchester, Wales, Bath and Glasgow.

But what does Yorkshire have to offer in 2023?

Yorkshire Conde Nast 2023
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The online travel magazine which is read by millions talked about the rugged Yorkshire Moors described in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

They also mentioned the North Yorkshire area has been marked as second to London in terms of high-quality restaurants according to AA Restaurant Guide 2023.

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And, there is no surprise with all the Michelin star offerings such as The Black Swan at Oldstead found on the edge of the North York Moors, and also Roots in York is mentioned.

The newly refurbed The Sar Inn Harome, which unfortunately burnt down last year, has now risen from the ashes thanks to the hard work of contractors.

Yorkshire Conde Nast 2023
Credit: Pexels

Along with food and beautiful countryside, the article also mentioned Yorkshire chocolate-box towns like Harrogate that offer beautiful idyllic settings, the popular tourist destination the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the city of Leeds which was named City of Culture for 2023, which will be hosting a range of events to mark the year-long celebration.

You can read the full list for Conde Nast must-visit places in the UK for 2023 here.

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