8 Of The Loveliest Lake And Reservoir Walks To Do In The Yorkshire Dales

8 Of The Loveliest Lake And Reservoir Walks To Do In The Yorkshire Dales

Looking to improve your mental health this year? There is something about huge bodies of water that soothes the soul, and with the fast paced lives that we lead at the moment, we need now more than ever to take a break. The lapping of the water, and the wind whistling in the trees allows the mind to me distracted from life’s stresses. These Yorkshire Dales lakes and reservoir walks give you the opportunity to just be, and enjoy the sights and sounds great outdoors whilst getting some much needed excersie. And, what’s good for your body tends to be good for the mind and these walks will get you feeling refreshed in no time.

1. Malham Tarn

Credit: Photo © Philip Halling (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Malham Tarn is a dramatic glacial lake high up in the Yorkshire Dales. It changes with the weather. One day it can be calm and reflect its surroundings like a mirror image and other days it can by rough and angry like the sea. Either is great to experience. It’s the highest marl in the United Kingdom at 377 metres (1,237ft),. Take a walk from the village of Malham along the Pennine Way, which runs through the area past Malham Cove up to the Tarn.

2. Ingleborough Nature Trail

Credit: Flickr

Want to head up one of Yorkshire’s most famous mountains? You can expect shimmerings lakes, thick woodland, a steep valleys on one of the most picturesque Yorkshire Dales lakes walks. Found on the Ingleborough Estate this nature trail has some of the most spectacular limestone scenery to enjoy. Ingleborough is one of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks.

3. Grimwith Reservoir

Credit: Pixabay

Enjoy stunning views across the beautifuly stilll body of water at this Yorkshire Dales reservoir. Up in the hills, there nothing but you and nature and there is something so beautiful about that. Treck along the family-friendly track which boasts great views of the rolling countryside and a vibrant mix of everchanging palette of colour as each season brings its own emotions. The trees change from lush greens to ambers and burnt oranges as the seasons change.

Just begin at the car park and follow the path around the edge of the reservoir for a 4-mile walk. The Yorkshire Dales reservoir walk is a great opportunity for photographers to snap wildlife and rolling hills. The 4.5-mile-long walk is well surfaced, so great for all levels. Simply park up in the car park and enjoy some spectacular views on this circular walk.

4. Semerwater

Found in the Rydale area opposite the River Bain, Semerwater is one of the largest natural lakes in Yorkshire and is half a mile long covering 100 acres. Visitors, as well as going for a lovely walk and enjoying the superb views across the water, can enjoy water activities such as canoeing, windsurfing, yachting and fishing.

5. Embsay Reservoir

Credit: Photo © David Brown (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Located near Skipton, the Embsay reservoir can be found above the village of Embsay in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a mile walk that starts from the free car park and has to opportunity to head up into the surrounding hills with some breathtaking views. The beautiful walk is a great Yorkshire Dales lakes walk and a beautiful spot to breath.

6. Whernside Tarn

yorkshire dales lakes
Credit: Photo © Michael Graham (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Whernside Tarn is actually three large tarns that are situated just over a mile north of the summit of Whernside. there with a number of smaller pools, are situated closely together just over a mile north of the summit of Whernside. Whernside is the highest mountain in Yorkshire – if you get to the top of it you will be able to enjoy a variety of amazing tarn as well as some spectacular views. The tarns is one of our favourite Yorkshire Dales lakes and reservoir walks with crystal clear waters and some of the most impressive views you’ll find in Yorkshire.

7. Winterburn Reservoir

yorkshire dales lakes
Credit: Photo © Chris Heaton (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The small hamlet of Winterburn is just a 15-minute drive from Malham village and a perfect place to go if you’re looking to beat the crowds. The Winterburn reservoir was built to maintain the water levels along the Leeds and Liverpool canal and is just a mile north of Winterburn. The thin reservoir is a great walk out the perfect place to enjoy some space.

8. Thruscross Reservoir

yorkshire dales lakes
Credit: Gordon Hatton / Thruscross dam / CC BY-SA 2.0

Thruscross Reservoir can be found near to Harrogate, with a beautiful 4.5 mile walk around the edge. When constructing the reservoir back in the sixties, the body of water completely flooded the village of West End, which now can be seen deteriorating when water levels at the reservoir are severely low. The spot is managed by Yorkshire Water, and is maintained for walkers, anglers and the local wildlife, with activities such as whitewater kayaking put on for those who’d really like to make the most of their visit.

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