Aldi Has Created A Rhubarb & Custard Gin As Part Of Its Huge New Summer Range

Aldi Has Created A Rhubarb & Custard Gin As Part Of Its Huge New Summer Range
This is definitely a bit of us.

Aldi is vast becoming the supermarket to beat. The summer is upon his and reliable Aldi keeps giving the customers what the didn’t know they needed. And this 75th VE day the super superstore has done it again with their new range of gins.

This weekend Yorkshire looks to have it all. the sun will be shining and we have an extra day off. So to go along with your sunbathing and leisure make sure you try the new spirits that Aldi has to offer and enjoy your little bit of time off in the sunshine.

Credit: Aldi

My favourite offering is two-fold. Rhubarb & custard the greatest sweets to be found in any good old-fashioned sweet shop. It’ll take you right back to your childhood. This little bit of nostalgia will be to a lot of people’s taste this weekend at £9.99. The second is the lemon sherbet offering, Dumbledore’s password in the first Harry Potter, it is hard to get much more British than this hard boiled sweet and it’s at the same price of £9.99.

There are seven new gin flavours on offer ranging from £9.99 up to £15.99, all very reasonable and do not break the bank (perfect for a Yorkshireman). If you’re looking for something a little different this weekend we suggest you stock up on tonic and give Aldi’s new range of gin a whirl.

Credit: Aldi

Check out the full list of Aldi’s new gins below:

  • Haysmith’s Pink Grapefruit & Orange Gin (£15.99)
  • Haysmith’s Raspberry & Thyme Gin (£15.99)
  • Haysmith’s Strawberry & Peppercorn Gin (£15.99)
  • The Infusionist Lemon Sherbet Gin Liqueur (£9.99)
  • The Infusionist Rhubarb & Custard Gin Liqueur (£9.99)
  • The Infusionist Strawberry & Marshmallow Gin Liqueur (£9.99)
  • The Infusionist Passionfruit & Orange Gin Liqueur (£9.99)
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