Yorkshire Folk Are The ‘Least Likely’ To Eat Out Now Lockdown Has Been Eased

Yorkshire Folk Are The ‘Least Likely’ To Eat Out Now Lockdown Has Been Eased

Now that the UK lockdown has eased, you’d think we’d be queuing up at our favourite restaurants – craving a taste of social interaction after many months indoors… But according to a new survey, not all of us are jumping at the opportunity.

Conducting a study following the re-opening of bars, restaurants and cafes, Lloyd’s Bank asked Brits if they’d ventured out since Super Saturday (July 4th) – with only one in four participants revealing that they had.

Us Yorkshire folk are happy as we are | Credit: Unsplash

When broken down geographically, the statistics revealed that only 12% of those from Yorkshire had actually been to a bar or restaurant since before the Coronavirus outbreak began, making us the least likely of the bunch to head back out in a rush. Londoner’s came out on top, with 31% of participants saying they’d been out already, with North West dwellers sitting closely behind at 27%.

Jo Harris, managing director at Lloyds Bank, said of the study: “With restaurant dinners back on the menu following the easing of lockdown restrictions, for many this could be a good time to stop and consider how our fellow diners may be feeling about the prospect.

“Over the last few months many people’s finances have been affected in ways in which they could have never expected or prepared for; even something as seemingly innocent as arranging a meal out could now create new concerns or anxieties about money.

“Being brave enough to have open and honest conversation about our finances could not only make all the difference to the dinnertime dynamic but it could also help people feel more in control of their money and how they are able to manage it.”

Credit: Pexels

Here’s the full list of results below. The figures show the percentage of people who have been out for a meal or drink at a bar:

Yorkshire – 12%
East of England – 20%
West Midlands – 22%
South East – 23%
East Midlands – 23%
South West – 24%
North East – 26%
North West – 27%
London – 31%

No reasons for the statistics have been given, but as the nation faces an unemployment crisis as a result of the damaged economy (with Middlesborough and Sheffield among those most affected), it’s easy to see why many Brits are opting to avoid pubs and restaurants.

While we’d love to head out to our favourite restaurant and annihilate a big, juicy burger, we’ve grown pretty accustomed to our weekly takeaway night in front of Celebrity Gogglebox. World, we’ll see you soon – maybe.

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