This Happy, Smiling Dog Is Looking For A New Home In Yorkshire

With over 100,000 puppers out there without a home at any given time (according to PETA), now’s better than ever to adopt a new fur baby. And now, Diefer (9 years old), is on the hunt for a new home in Yorkshire.

Credit: RSPCA

Currently being cared for at an RSPCA in Sheffield, Diefer was left all alone after his owner passed away, leaving the gorgeous little Terrier in care – but that hasn’t knocked the smile off his charming face!

Poor little Diefer has been living with the RSCPA for six months now, still on the look-out for his new, loving owners. On his profile, which is way better than most people’s on dating apps these days, Diefer admits he’s been a little bit naughty at times, struggling with the loss of his best friend after his owner sadly died. But now, he’s on top form ready to flee the nest, with the lovely volunteers at the centre showing him new ways to express his energy and behave as well as all the other good boys in the centre. Diefer has come leaps and bounds since he arrived at the centre thanks to his training, and he’s now the perfect little companion.

Credit: RSPCA

Ready to meet his new best friend, the RSPCA has stated that the Terrier will be best suited to families who don’t have children. The small pup is bursting with energy too, so if you’ve got previous experience with dogs, you’re likely to be better suited. Diefer is trained to walk with a muzzle, and isn’t any bother when out on walks on a lead. What a good little lad!

If you’re looking for a new member of your family, you can find out more about Diefer here.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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