Yorkshire Tea Hit Back At A Far-Right YouTuber About Racism And The Responses Are Incredible

Yorkshire Tea Hit Back At A Far-Right YouTuber About Racism And The Responses Are Incredible

The internet can be a wondrous thing. Sometimes brands come together and create something truly beautiful. And being as there’s nothing more satisfying than a good old fashioned brew, it’s been a momentous occasion to see two giant tea brands come together to shut down followers tweeting in opposition of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The whole shitstorm started when Laura Towler, some form of “influencer”, said she was “dead chuffed” that Yorkshire Tea hadn’t posted anything in support of worldwide movement that has followed the tragic death of George Floyd. Naturally, as humans, Yorkshire Tea responded pretty abruptly to the anti-BLM remark, saying: “Please don’t buy our tea again. We’re taking some time to educate ourselves and plan proper action before we post, We stand against racism”.

The tweet was met with the occasional call to ‘boycott’ the much-loved tea brand (however, mostly met with praise), and in a moment of genius timing, PG Tips stepped into the ring backing its competition in a rare sight of ‘solidaritea’. Check out the brilliant thread below.

The thread got a whole lot of attention from the public, and to catch you up with the latest, we’ve rounded up some of the best responses to Yorkshire Tea’s brilliant clapback.

The death of George Floyd sparked international outrage, becoming a catalyst after numerous deaths in the US for global protests fighting against systemic racism. Cities in Yorkshire have been standing together in the fight for Black rights, with Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, York and Doncaster all hosting their own Black Lives Matter protests, seeing huge numbers in support for the cause.

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