Yorkshire’s Beauty Spots Spoiled By Litter After This Weekend’s Heatwave

Yorkshire’s Beauty Spots Spoiled By Litter After This Weekend’s Heatwave

Yorkshire’s main attractions seem to be taking a hit each weekend during lockdown, with visitors leaving their rubbish for locals to clean up. It seems a shame with some of the beautiful changes we have seen to the local environment during this self-isolation period due to COVID-19. But sadly, it is the case for many of Yorkshire’s popular attractions.

Ilkley, North Yorkshire was one of the areas worst hit this weekend, with huge crowds meeting to enjoy its ‘secret’ beach. The not-so-secret beach was left in an appalling state after the partying had finished, with bottles and rubbish strewn everywhere around the beautiful landscape during the sunny spell in Yorkshire.

Sharing photos to social media, one user shared a picture of laughing gas canisters found at Temple Newsam in Leeds, leftover after what seems to have been a party in another one of Yorkshire’s beautiful hotpots.

But it’s not just Yorkshire that has received such neglectful behaviour this weekend. Places all over the UK have had an influx of visitors due to the relaxing of lockdown measures. Beautiful attractions that were initially left to recover from tourism have been turned into horrific scenes, similar to those after a long weekend at Glastonbury. It seems being in lockdown for a few months has made people forget some basic manners… Like cleaning up after yourself. Check out some of the states below.

If you are thinking of taking a visit to any of our wonderful locations over the summer (or just in general), make sure you think ahead in regards to waste disposal and your impact on the surroundings. If we’re all a little more caring towards the environment, then we can all enjoy the natural beauty that our county has to offer – without spoiling it for other visitors, and of course, the locals.

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