You And Your Dog Can Now Get Paid £1,000 To Review Luxury Holiday Cottages

There aren’t many jobs out there that you can categorise as dream jobs. Chocolate taster, bed tester, movie star, rock star. The list is a standard one, but who knew there was a job out there that would allow you and your pooch to work together at last. Luxury dog-friendly cottage provider Canine Cottages, is currently recruiting up to 10 owners and their dogs to enjoy a free staycation to a cottage of their choice in the UK.

Credit: Canine Cottages

On their site it reads, ‘The lucky winners get to give us the lowdown on how fantastic it is to stay in our dog-friendly cottages as they’ll win a free stay in a UK location of their choice. They’ll also get the chance to review the property and the local area, helping dog lovers to discover the best places for their four-pawed pals to fetch, play and run.

Credit: Canine Cottages

What is on offer if you are succesful then? You can get a £1,000 voucher towards a dog-friendly stay, bag full of exclusive treats for your pup, exclusive deals and offers with Canine Club and your pup will become famous after being posted on their social media channels that reach over 100k social media followers.

Each lucky pup will receive a £1,000 voucher for a cottage holiday, and they’ll also get some delicious treats, goodies and other freebies to try out too.

If you think you and your pooch would be perfect to review a stay, then get online and get applying now! It is sure to be a popular competition so make sure you doggo is nicely fluffed and pruned, so you can be in with a chance of winning that pup-tastic prize.

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