You Can Now Get Paid £40,000 A Year Just To Eat Biscuits

You Can Now Get Paid £40,000 A Year Just To Eat Biscuits

Fancy yourself a biscuit connoisseur? Know your Hobnobs from your Rich Teas? Well, your taste buds could be earning you a nice little pay packet. You could be earning £40,000 a year to taste biscuits. Yes, £40,000 to stuff your face with those little gems of crummy goodness.

Credit: Border Biscuits

We’ve all sat and scoffed a whole pack of biscuits, or reached into the biscuit tin to realise that the tenth biscuit was the last one. But, who knew habitual eating was actually training for the perfect job in the world. You could be working at the UK’s 14th ranked biscuit brand, Border Biscuits as a biscuit taste tester.

Spend your days at the award-winning biscuit company, launching products from the kitchen table to production Help create enticing new flavours worthy of a place in biscuit tins across the nation. As well as help lead the team in continuing to drive innovation, quality and sustainability throughout the business. 

Credit: Border Biscuits

Paul Parkins, Managing Director of Border Biscuits, said, “This is an incredible opportunity for someone to fulfil their dream of creating delicious treats every day and of course, be paid for it! 

“The successful candidate will be crowned our Master Biscuitier and lead our passionate team in creating delicious ideas for new biscuit creations.

“We’re encouraging people from across the country to apply and look forward to interviewing some great talent.” 

Credit: Unsplash

While working at Border Biscuits, you will also get to taste Britain’s best-selling Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuit. If you would like the opportunity to follow your dreams, you can find out more information here.

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