You Can Now Get Paid £400 To Make – And Drink – Cocktails At Home

If it’s one thing that I’ve become a master off during lockdown, it is drinking from home. Making a Pornstar Martini for the Mrs has become something I can do with me eyes closed. We have passion fruit coming out of our ears in our house. During lockdown, a few pages were coming up with creative cocktails like Dark Fruits, Fruit Pastille and Fab Lolly cocktails.

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So, the news that a company is offering up to £400 to drink cocktails at home is a very inviting opportunity. All this training has come in handy! Boozy Events has created a brand new menu and is looking for feedback for it’s cocktail making classes.

Credit: Unsplash

Testing eight drinks in total, you’re sure to have a merry old time with the ol’ shakers and stirrers. If you’re one that loves to get a bit creative, then you will enjoy making these concoctions. The company will send out all the ingredients and the equipment needed to create each cocktail, so all you have to do is put ’em together. It’s a bit like Gusto, but with booze.

Credit: Unsplash

Boozy Events said of the new role, “We’ve been hard at work developing new cocktail recipes for our brand new online cocktail making class experience and we’re almost ready to go public, we just need people like you who love cocktails to tell us what you think… Unlike serving up cocktails in a bar environment, we need to make sure our cocktails are as equally enjoyable to create as they are to drink.

“Plus, we need to make sure our new packaging, equipment and ingredients can survive the journey from our bar to yours.”

Each taste session will pay £100 and you’ll try four drinks. If you think that you’d like to give it a try, applications close October 22nd. Find out more information here

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